For me, the wedding day is the most important event in the life of two lovers, the highest expression of their love and commitment to each other; and therefore it should be celebrated with due emphasis.

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My story as a Celebrant began with my personal wedding in 2013. Me and my husband-to-be wanted a simple, romantic & memorable wedding, with a personal touch and bespoke wording. No grand pronouncements, or rigorous legal speeches with no emotional involvement, but a joyful heartfelt celebration of love, shared with all our beloved.

This may sound like an ordinary longing of a modern wedded-to-be couple, but to be honest, finding the right person who would’ve lived up to our expectations, turned out to be harder than we could’ve ever imagined.

I knew exactly what I wanted, but I couldn’t find the right person who would see things my way and understand my needs, since they were a little off the usual path. At that point, I decided to start writing down my thoughts and put them together with whatever came from the heart. So I started writing and doing research and then writing again; I read about all types of ceremonies rituals and wedding etiquette and learned about processional and recessional and all that comes in between. I spent hours reading books and poems about love and committment (I actually loved that part), finding the right track to be played and cobbling everything together, then I finally came up with the ceremony speech I had so long dreamed about. It was quite a stressful process, but in the end the result was just perfect to us: simple but touching and what’s most important, it was a tale about us, our union, our story.

So we asked one of our dearest friends if she felt to take this responsibility and be our Officiant for the day, although she had never done it before in her life! I can’t say she didn’t do a good job that day, everyone was astounded and teared up at the end: even the most skeptical who thought we were going to mess up a traditional occurrence. But as an afterthought, I guess it would have been better if I had asked someone who wasn’t emotionally involved, to perform our ceremony speech. That’s simply because one can hardly ever control their emotions, and having to carry out such an important moment in the lives of the two people standing in front of you, is never an easy job if you’re emotionally involved in their story. I’ll just mention she was so nervous that she forgot to ask people to take their seats after the processional… so we ended up having everyone standing for the entire ceremony, asking themselves what were all the chairs for?! 🙂

That’s when everything came clear to me. I realized that nowadays, not all spouses are longing for a traditional ten-minutes ceremony officiated by a Registrar, anymore. But as hard as they may try setting up everything themselves and taking care of all aspects, they can never have the complete certainty that everything will go perfectly during the ceremony. And let’s face it: those 20 minutes of words spoken and rings given, when you’re holding your partenr’s shaking hands & while looking into each others’ eyes you vow your love and commitment to one another… that’s what really sets the tone for the day and shall make your wedding celebration heartfelt and unforgettable.

I felt like I wanted to help those couples looking to give a meaningful sense to their long dreamed wedding ceremony, by providing my personally gained experience and sparing them the concern for the unexpected. Because, who better knows what you’re going through and what are your doubts and expectations about it, than the one who had experienced this the hard way, before you!

That’s when I started training as a Celebrant, and soon after I began giving a hand to my closest friends, who were to be married in the short run. I started writing their love stories and performing their customized wedding ceremonies, and before I knew it, I found myself in love with doing it.

Loving what I do is what keeps my enthusiasm going, it makes me want to exceed all expectations and provide the best tailored service and most memorable heartfelt ceremonies.

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