I love creating tailored wedding ceremonies. Whether you prefer a Traditional, Symbolic or Non-denominational ceremony, I always design them to fully meet your expectations and reflect your personalities and beliefs.

Chosing a ceremony ritual that trully represents you is not always an easy job. Some may get lost in the multitude of the Symbolic rituals they find while roaming the internet for inspiration. Others may end up cobbling together a buch of senseless phrases that don’t really represent their story. So what to do then?

Should I go for a Classic Wedding Ceremony?

Is a Unity Ceremony really representative for us?

And what will all our guests think of our non-denominational, off-the-books Ceremony?

Will they understand what this is all about?

Good news! For all these doubts and hundreds more, I’m here to help.

A wedding ceremony should be the celebration of your love and union. You, as well as your guests, should be able to enjoy it, not whitstand it.

The whole ceremony speech should be about the two of you – as individuals and as a couple – and should highlight your pledges and your love story. So the right design of your ceremony will come from you, as I listen to what you wish and hope for.

It’s you who decides what’s going to be spoken, read and vowed, whilst you’ll need someone able to reorder your thoughts, incorporate all the elements, think about what’s missing and schedule everything with the musicians (and eventually your wedding planners), giving you advice when needed and being ready to cope with the unexpected. And – what’s most important – perform your ceremony with enthusiasm and excitement.

So this is what my services are all about. I’ll be guiding you to making the right choices for your ceremony, while getting to know you and see you through to the day of your wedding, making sure everything flows together perfectly, stress-free and full of smiles!