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It all began with a simple Hello,

a handshake, a glance and they’d soon fall in love.

But little they knew, the path they took on,

would lead them to bind and never let go.

They talked about life, about feelings and fears,

and as their love flowed, it all became clear.

Minutes turned into hours, than a day… a year,

and so they arrived hand in hand today, here.

spouses holding hands ceremony officiant
Ph: Luis Mendoza Photography

Both happy and thrilled, united they stand

before family and friends to profess their true love.

A commitment to life, until the last breath,

That has been blessed from above.

They vow and they kiss while everyone’s moved,

and some even shed a few tears.

For they have been joined as Husband and Wife

from this day, through all the coming years.

Tuscan Wedding Officiant - t1a8072 websize
Ph: Luis Mendoza Photography

They’ll walk hand in hand on life’s winding way,

together through both tears and laughter.

Because that’s what they call in the fairytales,

Happily ever after!

Tuscan Wedding Officiant - t1a8075 websize
Ph: Luis Mendoza Photography

Wedding Planner – Blooming Eventi

Photographer – Luis Mendoza

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