The Bilingual Ceremony Service

Aspire to the highest level of bespoke wedding ceremonies, with our exclusive service for multicultural couples and interfaith celebrations.

Be it the combination of two different languages, the blending of two different cultures or the acknowledgement of different religious and spiritual beliefs, celebrate your destination wedding in the most inclusive and meaningful way, with a fully custom-made ceremony and uniquely designed symbolic rituals.

The wedding ceremony is the heart of your big day?

Make sure that everybody feels included and understands what’s going on during the Service.

Through love, two people from different cultural backgrounds come together and create their own common ground and shared meanings.

But while Love is a universal language, spoken languages can be quite different and difficult for everyone to understand. And if you’re planning on hosting a wedding ceremony for guests who don’t speak the same language, it’s likely to have some of them feeling tuned out while it’s happening.

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You place a high value on equality and want your ceremony to represent each of your cultural backgrounds?

Make your guests feel welcome and included, and pay homage to your own cultures and spiritual beliefs, with a meaningful ceremony created around your personal background.

Express your union with an exclusively designed symbolic ritual and include your cultural tradition with a modern twist, to render that unique moment of commitment truly heartfelt and personal.

Best for Wedding ceremonies that are:

bilingual intercultural interfaith

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– bilingual: if you’re coming from two different cultures and would like to have a bilingual speech, so all your guests can understand the service and feel included.

– intercultural: if you would like to pay homage to your cultures by incorporating particular traditions or tailor made symbolic rituals to represent your legacy.

– interfaith: if you belong to two different religions and want to combine or acknowledge both in the ceremony.

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This service includes:

  • an initial meeting, to discuss your ideas, hopes and dreams for the big day
  • all the necessary comunication by email, to plan the ceremony and discuss all of the details
  • a comprehensive questionnaire for you to fill out, to collect your thoughts, love story and preferences for the ceremony
  • doing research and creating a fully personalised script, based on your requirements (bilingual, multi-cultural, inter-faith)
  • providing the final order of service
  • sending a draft of the speech for approval
  • up to 2 edits of the speech, according to your comments / suggestions
  • providing assistance and advice on readings, wedding vows and customized symbolic unity rituals
  • 1 hour virtual rehearsal, closer to the date, to have a final run-through and discuss the order of service
  • arriving on site 1 hour and a half before the event and allowing all the necessary time to complete the service
  • coordination with other vendors: by email, before the ceremony and on the day of the event, to get in sync and ensure the ceremony is seamless and beautiful.
  • leading the ceremony
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How it works

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Let’s Meet Before You Commit

Learn more about the process and see if we make a good match. Prepare your favorite drink and let’s get on a videocall, for an informal chat about your plans and ideas, the type of ceremony you are looking for & how we can help you achieve your dreamed wedding ceremony. During our introductory meeting you’ll learn more about the service and clear any doubts or concerns with regards to this part of your event.


Save the Date

Happy to work with us? Make sure you secure your preferred date before anyone else does!

After our call, you can confirm the reservation with the payment of the booking fee and kick start the process of creating your memorable wedding ceremony.

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Tell Us More

This is where we get nosy.

After confirming the date, we’ll send you a questionnaire to find out more about your personal background and beliefs. We’ll also ask a lot of questions about logistics and personal preferences with regards to the ceremony. But no worries, you’ll have plenty of time to do your homework stress-free, and we’ll be there to guide you and give advice when needed.


The Order of Service

Our feedback on the questionnaire.

Based on your answers and requests expressed in the questionnaire, we’ll outline an order of events for the ceremony, from the moment you walk down the aisle to when we’ll be tossing petals and cheering for you.

We’ll give you an overall idea of the project for your wedding ceremony with a layout of the main structure, including possible musical interludes, readings, symbolic rituals etc., so you can start dreaming about that moment.

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Review and Approve the Speech

Now you get to examine us! Exciting, right? 

We want you to have the most streamlined and stress-free experience. So it’s important that you know in advance exactly what’s going to be said and done during the ceremony. To ease you from all the stress related to it and render that highly emotional moment comfortable and enjoyable for the two of you, we will send you the main outline the speech, to preview beforehand, and allow you to add in suggestions and make any tweaks you want, before considering it done!


We meet again!

We’ll schedule another meeting prior to your wedding day, to discuss the finer details and have a final run through the ceremony with your celebrant, so you can get a feel of the bigger picture.

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On the day of the wedding, your celebrant will arrive at the venue 1 hour and a half before the ceremony, to get in sync with other suppliers (musicians, photographers, coordinators), meet and coordinate with your bridal party if needed, test the mic and generally make sure everything is set and ready for the big moment. This will also allow you to meet with your celebrant in person beforehand, if you wish to, and ask any last minute questions to ease your mind before the ceremony begins. 



At this point of the service you are newlyweds.

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What happens next?

  • we’ll watch you walk down the aisle happily married, and provide instructions for the aperitif to your guests if needed, before switching off the mic.
  • we’ll wait aside for the right moment to come and say goodbye – family and friends come first! And we know they all want to cheer and hug and kiss you after the ceremony.
  • we’ll give you a big hug and wish you the best of luck for a wonderful life together!
  • we’ll leave the venue by the time you’ll be enjoying a sunset aperitivo with your loved ones.