It's your day. Dare to have it your way!

Our streamlined service for audacious couples like you, seeking to make the most out of your trip to Italy, with an adventurous and intimate celebration for two: simple, heartfelt and with no fuss. Just love!

Your dream is to get married abroad, but you’re not the big wedding type?

If you feel that a conventional wedding doesn’t quite suit you and you’d rather exchange your vows intimately, at your own pace, whether low key or adventurous, an Elopement is an intimate ceremony for just the two of you.

No guests, no stress, no rules, but a romantic celebration of your love, to be etched into your hearts forever.

A moment to highlight the path that brought you to this day and reminisce about how you met, what you love about each other and everything that you‘ve shared and overcome together in your relationship.

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You’re coming to Italy on holiday and would like to surprise your loved one with The renewal of your marriage vows or an anniversary celebration?

Whether your marriage has just begun or is an enduring commitment that has stood the test of time, it’s a bliss worth celebrating at any stage of life.

Fall in love all over again and reaffirm your commitment with this unique experience of joy and celebration.

This service is best for:

Elopements Vow Renewals engagements

This service includes:

• initial 30’ call to meet you and understand how you envision your ceremony
• the necessary comunications by email, to define the service and logistics for your special day
• a short questionnaire to learn more about the occasion you’re celebrating
• adapting the speech to fit the occasion
• arriving on site 30 mins. before the event and allowing all the necessary time to complete the service
• leading the ceremony

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How it works

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Let’s Meet before you commit

Learn more about the process and see if we make a good fit!
Prepare your favorite drink and let’s get on a 30’ videocall, for an informal chat about your plans and ideas, the type of ceremony you are looking for & how we can help you achieve your dreamed wedding ceremony.

During our introductory meeting you can ask us anything, learn more about the service and clear any doubts or concerns with regards to this part of your event.


Save the Date

Happy to work with us? Make sure you secure your preferred date before anyone else does!
After our call, you can confirm the reservation with the payment of the booking fee and kick start the process of creating your ceremony.

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Tell Us More

This is where we get nosy.

After confirming the date, we’ll send you a short questionnaire to find out all about the occasion and learn a more about the two of you. This will help us focus the speech on the distinctive aspects of your relationship and include the things that matter most to you, for a heartfelt and memorable experience.



On the day of the wedding, your celebrant will arrive at the venue 30 minutes before the ceremony,  to make sure that everything is set. This will also allow you to meet with your celebrant in person, beforehand, and ask any last minute questions to ease your mind before the ceremony begins.

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What happens next?

  after the kiss, we’ll step away and let you have a private moment together: whether you’ll be popping the Prosecco, taking selfies or having your first dance as a married couple, we’ll let you enjoy the magic of that moment on your own. 

• then, we’ll give you a big hug and wish you all the best, before leaving the location.