A professional celebrant is here to take the lead

If you already have the speech written but your friend, officiant, or the celebrant you booked dropped out at the last moment and you need a professional to guide your ceremony on the day, this is the service for you!

This service includes:

  • 30’ exploratory meeting on Zoom, to learn more about your planned ceremony and understand your expectations for the day
  • the necessary communications through email to book the service and define the agreement for the day of celebration
  • an overall ceremony review, to get confidence with the speech and make sure that everything flows smoothly
  • arriving on site 30 minutes before the event and allowing all the necessary time to complete the service in case of any unforeseen
  • coordinating with other vendors on the day, to make sure everything runs smoothly
  • leading the ceremony

✦ Please note: this service is available only for LAST MINUTE weddings that are due within max. 2 months from the date of the inquiry, and does not include the speech writing / preparing service.