The Fire Unity Ritual

An unconventional twist to the light candle unity ritual, this Fire Unity ritual can only be performed in particular circumstances and, of course, very few venues that are properly equipped.
However, the fire element still remains a powerful symbol that can easily be adapted in many other different ways to fit a wedding ceremony.
Candle Lighting is the most popular version of this kind of ritual, where the spouses use two single burning flames (candles) symbolizing their lives before that moment. Together they light a third, larger candle, to symbolize the merging of these two lights into one single, stronger light, just as two individuals come together to support one another in a happy relationship, through reciprocal love, honour and respect.
A beautiful way to include both families in this ritual is to ask your respective parents or dear ones to light your single candles, to symbolize your previous separate pathways and their acceptance to your union and the blending together of the two families as well.
If you love the symbolism behind this ritual and think it might be the perfect fit for your ceremony, let me know! I’ll be happy to explain more about how it unfolds and how we can make it work for your setting.