The Memory Box / Time Capsule Ritual

A time capsule from your wedding day to your future selves. The Memory Box ritual is a beautiful way to preserve that intense and unique emotion you’ll be experiencing during your wedding ceremony.
It consists in writing a love letter to your spouse about how you feel at the time you are married and lock it in a box, with either a bottle of wine, scotch or any other kind of spirits that age well.
A lovely twist to it, could be adding in something from your guests as well, or from your children if you are blending two families together. You can ask them to bring an item, write a letter, a simple quote or a well-wishing note for you and put it in the box before sealing it.
Going forward, this may become an anniversary box that can be opened every year: in this case, enjoy the drink, then replace it with a new bottle and add in new letters for the next year. In time, you will see how your marriage has grown over the years and how your relationship has changed and matured.
Or you can wait until your 5th or 10th year anniversary to open the box and celebrate.
Alternatively, it also works as a reminder of the reasons you were married and how you are so special to one another, should you ever face difficulties in your relationship. So should you ever feel challenged at some point in your marriage, take a moment to pause, open the memory box and sit down together: as you’ll share the drink, carefully read the letter that your partner wrote for you and reflect upon the reasons you fell in love and why you chose to be married.