The Spice Blending Ritual

A modern twist on the more traditional and overused “Sand Blending Ritual”, written and designed to fit a special couple’s story and intercultural wedding ceremony.
They had asked for a “special unity ritual to mark their commitment” and that somehow would’ve also symbolized their coming together from two different cultural backgrounds. But it was when they told me that she is Indian and he is Spanish – quite an eclectic mix to say the least – that it hit me instantly: spices! As a food and wine enthusiast myself, the connection between each culture and a representative spice, came easily.
We chose turmeric for her and pimentón for him, combined together to symbolize the union of two distinct individuals, each with their own uniqueness, coming from different cultural backgrounds and united in love.
The ritual ended with this statement: just as the grains of paprika and turmeric can never be poured back separately into the single spices they once were, so may your union be in the years to come.
If you love this ritual and think it might be the perfect fit for your ceremony, let me know! I’ll be happy to explain more about how it unfolds and add a personal touch to it, based on your story.