The Wine Blending Ritual

If you’re wine-lovers and you’re getting married in Tuscany – a region known worldwide for some great wine – you can’t miss giving your ceremony a personal twist and having a toast to this new beginning in your life journey together.
But what makes of wine an appropriate element to be included in a wedding ceremony?
To make a good wine, a long and laborious proccess is necessary and a lot of constant hard work and dedication goes into this process: from nurturing the vine, to carefully raising the grapes, to the patience of fermenting and the wisdom in mixing the right elements to obtain that fine taste of a good ripened wine. Along with this, life’s unpredictable events – such as too much rain, hail and high temperatures – may put a strain on the whole winemaking process, for which much care and tireless efforts are required along the way.
That’s what makes it a great element for a wedding ceremony: a metaphor for marriage which, like wine, is a process of continous growth, dedication, wisdom and compromise, that will give more structure and endurance to your love, just like a fine ripened wine.
Blending two bottles of wine represents the two individuals with their separate pathways, while the single cup represents the indissoluble bond of marriage and all the individual life experiences merged together. Drinking from one single cup represents the equal commitment of the couple to their union and the single path they’ll be walking together in marriage, tasting both the joys and the sorrows of life.
If you love this ritual and think it might be the perfect fit for your ceremony, let me know! I’ll be happy to explain more about how it unfolds and how you can have customized bottles of wine.