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Summer Solstice Wedding Ceremony

The Summer Solstice is a time of gathering and celebration!

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The Perfect Wedding

How choosing your Officiant can make a big difference to it!


Happily Ever After

It all began with a simple Hello, a handshake, a glance and they’d soon fall in love. But little they knew, the path they took on, would lead them to bind and never let go. They talked about life, about feelings and fears, and as their love flowed, it all became clear. Minutes turned into hours, than a day… a year, and so they … Read More Happily Ever After

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The Story of a Romantic Ceremony

Just an ordinary summer day you’d think. The sun was shyly hiding behind some cloud here and there, mocking everyone over the fear it would rain. The valley seen from up there appeared so quiet and all the buzzy excitement of Florence seemed dozed off under a hot and stuffy afternoon sun. But it wasn’t just an ordinary July afternoon for Paola and Alan, … Read More The Story of a Romantic Ceremony